ænigma 2008 - 2011

This series leads to other ways of seeing things; it is the report on delving deep into an experience that took me four years. I called this period of experiments in abstraction “Ænigma,” giving a name to something that I didn’t really know about or understand at the time.

The Sphinx that propounded the riddle (“aenigma”) to me has a name: The great master painter Mark Rothko. He touched something deep inside me, something I should clarify to make my voice heard now. As a matter of fact, now I know that this series is about delving into the realms of landscape painting. I had to leave my repertoire, my safety, and face the challenge posed by Rothko with empty hands: Solve Me or I Devour Thee.

What I experience says about my place, focusing on my different sort of landscape. Ænigma is the way.

Sergio Lucena

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