“Gods” is the name I give to this series of paintings of animals from an archaic world. These creatures have always been with me in my drawings and paintings, as supporting actors, from the very beginning.

In 2003, I came to live in São Paulo. I had just arrived in a city where I was unknown and had to gather all my strength and use everything I had to tell São Paulo what I was here for. Then two things happened: The animals, which were supporting actors in my painting, became protagonists, and then I eliminated color, a previously strong element in my painting, as if to seek the bone that sustained me.

And then I was aware that there was something transcendental in it: The world to which I was spiritually connected had been patiently waiting for that moment. The moment I felt I could give this archaic world what was expected of me. I called these creatures “Gods” because this is what they are. I covered them with the most precious and refined skin I could imagine. In exchange, they blessed me and opened the gates of their world so I could follow my way.

Sergio Lucena

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